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Continuous Water mistr - Automatic Rechargeable plant mister

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🌿 Tired of using your manual mister? πŸ€” At Mossify, we have the best fully rechargeable continuous water mister on the market and we are SO proud of it. πŸ†Our instruction tags include 3 languages: English, French & Spanish! πŸ’š Give your plants the mist they want πŸ’š 🌱 Bring back some natural mist to your plants. Recreate the rainforest with this ultra fine mist! Increase your plants moisture levels without over watering your soil. 🌱 πŸ“ Mossify mistr Measurements πŸ“ Box: 4" X 4" X 12" mistr: 3.3" x 11.2" Volume: 750ml Power Source: 2000mAh Material: Non-toxic ABS βœ… Designed to be showcased βœ… We truly believe that our mistr will fit into your space. ✨ How to use your mistr: Charge fully before first use. Add water. Point spray away from you. Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn ON. Press ON/OFF button once to PAUSE. Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn OFF (mistr will turn off automatically if left alone). Please wash at least once a week!