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House Plant Christmas Tree Decoration Kit: Box Style Packaging

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Help your customers turn their plants into christmas trees. Who buys this: - customers who "have too many plants" - Customers who don't have space for full sized Christmas tree - People who love house plants and Christmas Includes: - Working mini christmas lights (3 ft with mini battery pack) - Mini ornaments with string (15 ornaments) - Mini wrapped gift decorations (5 gifts) - Mini Tinsel (4ft string) Works especially well for decorating many types of plants, including cactus, euphorbia, ZZ plants, fir trees, or jade. This item sells best next to a decorated example plant - a display kit is only $1 Packaging: Comes with two packaging styles: 1. Box Style - A reusable acrylic box 1. Bag Style - A zip-top bag with a hangable topper tag Each item is assembled by hand by our small team, just for your store :)