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Three Set | Mini Planters Harmony Set: Coffee

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This simple set of neutral-tone mini pots are ideal for 2" nursery plants & succulents. The compact size is great for limited-spaces such as bedrooms, desks, coffee tables, and offices. For a lush tropical look, pair with a small palm or fern. This durable and natural-looking plant container has been transformed from agricultural by-products and waste materials. Equipped with a drainage hole with a saucer, this mini pot is a perfect starter for plant beginners. Mixed: 1 x Bamboo Fibre White 1 x Coffee Bean Husk 1 x Wheat Husk Materials Bamboo Fibre | Wheat Husk | Coffee Bean Husk Non-Toxic Formaldehyde-Free Resin Porous Hand Finished Details Drainage hole: Yes Drainage Dish 3" Planter: 3in Width x 2.25in Height 3" Dish: 3.5in Width x 0.75in Height 5" Planter: 5" Width x 4.45in Height 5" Dish: 5.3" Width x 1.15in Height 7" Planter: 7in Width x 6in Height 7" Dish: 7.5in Width x 1.5in Height