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The Artizan Way

Tillandsia Butzii - Spotted Air Plant | Live Air Plant

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Tillandsia Butzii is a dark green and deep purple zebra striped/spotted air plant with wild legs. It is unusual from it's similar counterparts, the Bulbosa and Caput, due to its striking colors and patterns. I love how interesting it is and ranks in my top favorites. PLEASE NOTE: For orders shipping to Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada we will need to write an order with an additional charge of $60 for Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance by the USDA. Additionally, these orders must ship to a certified location in your area for agricultural inspection. Don’t worry we will walk you through the process! Please message us to write the order for you. For cold weather shipping we check the weather in your area during shipping times and add heat packs as necessary. If the weather is too cold in your area at shipping time we will hold your order until it is safe to ship.