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The Artizan Way

Vriesea Saundersii | Live Plant

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Vriesea Saundersii is a gorgeous plant with wide, thick leathery like leaves. It is unusual for its gray blue color, red spots, with more spots on its underside, and tall yellow bloom spike with a beautiful rosette shape. Native to Brazil. Typical growth height 6-8 inches with a 14-16 inch spread. Bromeliad family. Vriesea can be grown similarly to air plants as they are epiphytic in nature. They use their roots to hang on to rocks, bark, and soil. If planting in soil use a mix of orchid and bromeliad substrate. Lightly water the planting substrate when it is dry. Water in the central reservoir of the plant where it will take in most of its water to avoid root rot. Fertilizing by spraying or adding into the central reservoir when watering. Avoid high and low temperatures. Bright filtered light. In hotter, higher light they prefer a more humid environment. Propagation occurs through offsets, typically after blooming. Shipped bare root.